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Save Residential II

Electronic applications without compulsory borrowing or subsidy

The announcement of the new "Save at Home II" programme is expected in October, expected by thousands of owners and construction professionals. Some EUR 400 million will be allocated and 40,000 households will benefit.

Buildings in Greece account for about 36% of total energy consumption and, in the period 2000–2005, increased their energy consumption by about 24%, one of the largest increases in Europe. Therefore programmes such as "Save II" are considered absolutely necessary.

The conditions for inclusion in "Save II"

Eligible residence is the detached house, the apartment building as a whole of the building and the individual apartment that meets the following criteria:

-It is used as a residence, carries a building permit, has been classified under the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EIA) in a category lower than or equal to "D" and has not been deemed to be demolished.

Maximum eligible budget - Form and percentages of aid - Expenditure

The eligible budget per final recipient/final beneficiary application may not exceed EUR 250 per square metre of residence with a maximum of EUR 25 000 including VAT (eligible intervention budget). In addition, it is covered by the Programme, subject to the inclusion of the application and the achievement of the minimum energy objective of the Programme:

a. the costs required to carry out the two energy inspections.

b. the remuneration of the project consultant.

Costs for energy upgrading include replacing frames and shading systems, installing thermal insulation in the building shell, upgrading the heating system and upgrading the hot water supply system.

The final eligible budget shall be determined on the basis of the documented expenditure submitted and may not exceed the eligible budget of the entry decision and the ceilings for eligible expenditure per category of expenditure of the programme.

The application will be submitted on a special electronic platform set up by the Ministry of the Environment

Our office undertakes financially and responsibly the assessment of the needs of your building, the study and implementation of improvements.

With the aim of energy upgrading construction and reducing the energy footprint, we create sustainable and functional solutions with you.