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Net metering is a method of offsetting energy from photovoltaics and other RES. Unlike feed-in tariffs, in net metering systems the offsetting of exported and consumption is energy (in kWh) and not "accounting" (in €). Both do not belong to the large category of interconnected photovoltaics on-grid or grid-connected systems internationally (as opposed to autonomous photovoltaics – off grid) where there is a connection to the public network. Net metering has innumerable advantages and offers immediate depreciation for the person concerned, while protecting the environment without burdening the state budget. Since May 2015 hundreds of photovoltaic systems have been installed with active net metering netting.

How is it done?

The system is connected internally to your home or business with a separate meter that records the energy generated.

It may include photovoltaic and/or small wind turbines. At this stage and until the installation conditions for small wind turbines are issued, only the installation of photovoltaics is foreseen.

Production is offset against consumption during the year.


If the output is greater than the consumption, the excess is provided free of charge to the electricity grid. If production is less than consumption, you only pay the difference.

This process is Αυτοπαραγωγή με ενεργειακό συμψηφισμό called self-production by energy offsetting or otherwise self-production by netmetering, it is extremely widespread in America and is beginning to be applied all over the world and of course also in Europe.

Where can self-production systems be installed with net metering?

In the same or adjacent space (property or co-ownership) with the consumption facilities that will be supplied. They can be installed on the building, on the ground or even on other structures in accordance with the applicable urban planning legislation.

Can I reset the power bill?

The account has many different charges. You can reset the competitive charges of PPC which are the largest.

The remaining regulated charges (ETMEAR, SYCO, network charges, etc.) cannot be reset but can be significantly reduced, depending on the system you put in and the hours you consume the most electricity.

Who has the right of establishment?

All. Even the tenants. As long as they have ownership or legal use of the installation site (e.g. by lease or free concession) and have secured the written consent of the owner.

What consumption can I cover?

Depends on the size of the system you put in.

In the Mainland, the Interconnected Islands and Crete the limit of 20 kW applies